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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right Sherpa Bag for my pet? Sizing Help
All cats must use at least the medium bag. The small bag is only for the teeniest teacup breeds of dog. The medium will accommodate most small dogs under 16 lbs. and the large approximately 16 to 22 lbs. The exact fit will depend on the shape and dimensions of your pet. (Sherpa , our namesake Lhasa Apso, weighs 15 lbs., stands 10" high at the shoulder and measures 16" from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail. She travels comfortably in a medium bag.)

Sherpa Bags conform to fit underneath seat dimensions. One pet in a closed Sherpa Bag per traveler.

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Which airlines will allow me to travel with a pet in a Sherpa bag?
The Sherpa Bag is officially approved on Air Canada, Alaska, American, America West, Continental, Delta, Northwest, TWA, United, and US Air. When you make your flight reservations, don't forget to reserve for your pet as well! There is generally a small charge for in-cabin travel for a pet. (The US Air Shuttle and Delta Shuttle allow pets to travel for free.)

Should my pet be tranquilized before going on a trip?
To be safe, always consult your veterinarian before tranquilizing your pet.

Why do some airlines tell me my Sherpa bag is too big for in-cabin use?
Airline ticketing services sometimes give measurements that refer to rigid, hard-sided pet carriers. Sherpa bags, on the other hand, are soft-sided and pliable, conform to the space under the airplane seat-and are approved for in-cabin use.

How can I get my pet accustomed to the Sherpa bag?
We advise you to introduce your pet to the bag well before your trip. Leave the bag open with a favorite toy inside; make sure you praise and reward your pet each time he or she ventures into the bag. Familiarization is key. Your pet should learn to associate the bag with a pleasant experience (not with a trip to the vet!).

How comfortable will my pet be in the bag?
Cats and dogs feel secure in the bag, as they tend to seek out small, cozy spaces when they find themselves in unfamiliar situations. Most Sherpa bags provide a special opening so that you can slip a hand into the bag to reassure your pet. But remember: the Sherpa bag is a traveling den for your pet, not a mobile home!

Are there specific things I need to know and do in order to take my pet in-cabin in the Sherpa bag?
Make sure you have your pet's ticket along with your own at check-in and security, and, to be safe, don't forget to bring his or her health portfolio, including records of vaccination and a recent certificate from the vet (no more than 7-10 days old). To travel by plane, your pet must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably in the bag. Airlines also require an absorbent liner in the bag: you may use an old towel, a favorite blanket, or one of our soft, cozy, faux lambskin liners. If you are using a bag with flaps, make sure one flap is always left open for ventilation. If the bag is a little too large for your pet, place a pillow and/or toy in it. Airlines changed their policies about pets on board in order to accommodate those of us who want to travel with our small companions. We urge you, however, to keep a low profile when flying. Taking your pet on the plane is a privilege, not a right! Don't take your pet out of the bag during the flight. If you are traveling with a dog, walk him or her before entering the terminal. Don't feed your pet during the flight or for several hours before.

Can two cats share a bag on the plane?
Many airlines limit the number of animals in every cabin. Although some bags could physically hold two small pets, it would be safest to check with your airline how many animals they will permit on board.

How can I clean my Sherpa bag?
All Sherpa bags are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. To clean your bag, dip it in warm soapy water; then air dry. Or simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash. (Removable faux lambskin liners may be machine-washed and line-dried.)

What shall I do if the bag collapses?
All of our products are designed with your pet's needs foremost in our mind. Some bags purchased before 1995 might not completely retain their structure. Such a bag in no way compromises your pet's comfort; in fact, many pets prefer its den-like coziness. If you prefer a firmer look, make sure you are folding the bag properly. (Incorrect folding breaks down the wire coils and creases the mesh, preventing the bag from retaining its shape.) You can also try stuffing the bag with pillows and spraying it with starch; both these methods have been known to work. Newer versions of the bag have updated structural features and are less likely to present such problems.


Sherpa Bags are sold by some Airlines as a service to their customers for buying a ticket!


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