PetStep Measuring


Sedan Rear Door Measure:
You need a clear 18" opening to fit a Pet Step ramp into your car.  Sometimes, the back doors of four door sedans will not open wide enough, although the front doors of these same cars often will, so you might use them instead.  
Be sure to measure before ordering

Getting your Pet into the Pet Step Groove:
Some dogs will take to the Pet Step immediately. For those that don't, we suggest you put the ramp flat on the ground & walk your dog over it (a reward placed on the ramp also helps or you might try feeding him/her on the ramp once or twice). Your pets favorite treat placed towards the top of the inclined ramp has also been known to do the trick..

The first time up the ramp, take your dog by the collar & lead him to the reward. You'll only need to do this once or twice. It is important to take your dog for a ride after he has successfully entered the vehicle.


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