Petstep Injury Information


By allowing our dogs to jump down from high places, we encourage injuries. Dogs were never meant to jump down from SUVs and pickups. Imagine what would happen to us if we consistently were forced to jump down from our kitchen table or desk.

A runner or jogger would never begin their run without proper warm up exercises! This is exactly what we ask our furry friends to do each and every time we ask them to jump from a tailgate. They will do anything we ask of them because they love and trust us without reservation. Imagine that they have been in your vehicle for an extended time; we open the hatch or gate and command them to jump! Their muscles are cold and stiff. Making that leap could cause severe trauma and damage. THESE LOVING ANIMALS WERE NOT BORN WITH ARTHRITIS OR DYSPLASIA! WE MUST GIVE THEM EVERY CHANCE FOR COMFORT THAT WE CAN. PLEASE START YOUR PUPPY ON A RAMP AND NEVER ALLOW THEM TO JUMP WHEN THEIR MUSCLES ARE NOT FULLY WARMED UP.



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